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Inspite of the significant reductions in crew sizes and costs in recent years, manning remains by far the largest single operating cost of running a ship. Crew management is, therefore, a vital component of todayís ship management. Crew cost can be a sensitive area with active union involvement in many countries.

ENTICE SHIPPING SERVICES (Pvt.) Ltd. of Karachi is one of the leading crewing managers and agencies in Pakistan, operating since 1998, and managed by a group of sea-going Masters with extensive ship management and superintendence experience. In order to maintain excellence in its services, the company has obtained ISO9001:2000 certification from LRQA for quality crewmanagement.

All officers and ratings employed by the Company are trained and certificated in accordance with the STCW 95 Convention. English is the common language for conductance of all courses and examinations. Many Pakistani officers obtain their certificates from overseas centers such as in the U.K., Australia and Singapore.

Well capable to provide experienced, qualified and competent officers and ratings to serve any vessel type. May it be a coastal tanker or a modern container vessel our staff, largely from Pakistan, has proved to be efficient, dependable and is employed regularly by many European and Asian Ship owners and Managers. Realizing the importance of Efficient Management Information System we have developed software to record complete information on enrolled and employed seafarers. Our extensive seafarers database contains record of more than 11,000 officers and ratings. Advanced SQL and query technique enable us to sort out most appropriate staff for a particular vessel or trade.

Entice Shipping has dedicated a team of experienced staff to update seafarerís information on daily basis. Automated reports of floating staff completing their contracts within next 45 days are generated with proposed available replacements. These reports compile list of best available replacement for a particular rank. After manually selecting through available relieversí data, a proposal is then sent to principals for final approval. Similarly performance reports from employer are fed into the data bank for future retrieval.

To provide flexibility of choice to the employers, manning and crew management is undertaken on fixed lump sum contracts, cost and fee contracts as well as supply of individual officer and rating. The Company employs seafarers on CBAs (Collective Bargaining Agreements) of the NMB (National Maritime Board), ILO (International Labour Organisation) and ITF-TCC (International Trade Federation - Total Crew Cost).

Vessels under our crew management

  • M.V. Pacific Breeze   (Panamax BulK Carrier built 2004)
  • M.V. Atlantic Breeze   (Panamax BulK Carrier built 2004)
  • M.T. Sea Lady   (Aframax Double Hull Tanker built 2003)
  • M.T. Ocean Lady   (Aframax Double Hull Tanker built 2002)
  • M.T. Young Lady    (Aframax Double Hull Tanker built 2000)
  • M.V. Bestore          (Panamax Bulker built 1993)
  • M.T. Paola II          (Aframax Tanker built 1992)


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